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Everyone Comment And Tell Me What Ya'll think!!!

I love you Hunni* with all of my heart!!! Thank you for giving me everything that I've ever wanted!!!

*SeNiOr PiCtUrEs*

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I'm wanting to go to Terry's studio to have my senior pics redone and also have me scottie abagail and deidra (if she would like) pictures taken!! lol*
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Me and Scottie went to the movies last Saturday and we watched CARS... That was one of the best movies that i've seen this year..... Mater the *tow truck* is my favorite tow truck in the world.. Haha* anyways... we had sooo much fun that night spending time together... the first time we were alone in forever....

I had another doctors appointment yesterday.... Everything is going good.... He told me to start the kick count every morning.... also yesterday was shannon's 15th birthday... shew* i can't believe that he's 15.... Anyways me and Scottie took him and cody out to the movies and watched the fast and the furious-tokyo drift.... That movie was good... but i had higher expectations for that movie....

today nothing much has went on... Scottie came over and we had a really good talk... and then we both had to leave to go to work... shew* I hate it that he has to leave... I just wished he could stay here or somewhere near where we could spend time together... especially after the baby comes becuase i want him right with me at all times so that he can help me with her and we can kinda be a family....

Anyways.. I'm going to go and take me a shower so I'll write again another day....


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Ok... i've had 2 ultrasounds the past 2 weeks and both show that it's going to be a girl.... Now I have all these boy clothes and dont know what to do with them.... I'll probably keep a few of them just in case its not accurate... Well I'm goign to go and go to school so i'll write some other time.

I LOVE SCOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!

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I know have adelphia cable internet because dsl messed up so mom wanted to go to cable.... anyways... Nothing much has been giong on... Me and Scottie are doing GREAT!!!

Oh yeah... Me, Scottie, George, and Jama went out last night to pikeville movies and had sooo much fun... lol* then we went and ate and went to walmart... we didnt get home until around midnight....

i also got my prom dress... :)

well im going to get off from here and clean my room so i'll write some other time....

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*It's been a long time*

Wow! It's been a very long time since i've updated.... haha* anyways.... Valentine's day as came and passed but this year has been the best valentine's day i've ever had!!!! I got to spend almost all day with scottie.... He brought me beautiful flowers before he had to go to the doctor..... it was soooo sweet.... I dont know what id do without him....

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mom and dad got me some flowers too.... they were also really pretty....

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well i'm going to get off from here so i'll write another time....

Scottie-I love you with all of my heart and always will.... you've made me the happiest girl in the world... even though some things have happened that we didn't want to happen... it has just made us stronger... i miss you soo much... I LOVE YOU!!!

Sheena ~N~ Scottie Forever and Always
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